Beckett Thermal Solutions® is a global pioneer of combustion technologies. Our creative problem-solving and concurrent engineering capabilities deliver first to market advantages for a diverse mix of products and industries. Beckett Thermal Solutions is more than a manufacturer of unique technology. We care about relationships and succeeding together to provide warmth for a better tomorrow.

Reginald W. Beckett founded the R.W. Beckett Engineering Company Beckett Gas as a privately held company.

When Reginald W Beckett founded the R.W. Beckett Engineering Company in 1937 he was responding to a perceived product need in a developing industry for oil heating and a desire to scratch that entrepreneurial itch.

Reg Beckett built the company on close relationships with key customers, solid engineering and a willingness to take on a large competitive field. Since its early days in a crowded market of over 200 competitors, the R.W. Beckett Corporation (RWB) grew to become the dominant market leader among the handful of remaining companies providing oil burners to the oil-fired appliance market.

Upon Reg’s unexpected death, his son John, brought the disciplines necessary for a company to grow and add talent.

John Beckett also codified our Ethical Values of Integrity, Excellence and a Profound Respect for the Individual. Values clearly demonstrated first by John and then bred into every sibling company that bears the Beckett name. He provided the opportunity and initial momentum for what has become 7 facilities and multiple companies. John continues as the Chairman of each of the independent boards that oversee each of the family-owned Beckett companies.

Bob Cook joined the RWB Corporation in 1965 and became a key part in the original company’s success.

He also laid the foundations for those companies that continue to grow today. Bob brought outside experience but more importantly an instinctive business sense for where growth opportunities might exist and how to take advantage of them. He was the entrepreneurial complement to John’s deliberate and effective leadership and stewardship.

Bob Cook was instrumental in the startup of what was then called Beckett Gas (BGI) along with other ventures inside and outside the family of companies. BGI came about because of John’s desire to see the legacy of the R.W. Beckett Corporation diversified out of the oil heating market after 50 successful years; the company needed more market space in which to grow.

Our CEO and President, Morrison Carter, joined Beckett Thermal Solutions in 1994.

Morrison moved from RWB and worked alongside Bob Cook until Bob’s passing in 2002. Under Morrison’s leadership Beckett Gas grew threefold between 2002 and 2015. During this time, Beckett Gas acquired the controls group Varadigm in Plymouth, Minnesota and expanded the Commercial Systems Division into a renovated factory and engineering center in Strongsville, Ohio.

In February 2016 Beckett Gas acquired Worgas, a market leader in Europe’s advanced combustion technology.

Worgas added to Beckett Gas fifty years of experience in advanced burner technology for high efficiency, low emission products and a global customer base. The combined companies serve customers from five manufacturing locations and state of the art gas combustion laboratories in the United States, Italy and England.

Beckett Gas becomes Beckett Thermal Solutions.

January 2020, Beckett Gas realigned and refreshed the Beckett Gas brand identity and the global businesses that fall under it. This change improved the alignment of the brand and logo to the expertise and capabilities of the global organization.

We continue to be a rapidly growing engineering and manufacturing company that can meet the ever growing regulatory and market solution demands our customers face.


Leadership comes in many different forms at Beckett Thermal Solutions.

Our combustion engineers are industry leaders in developing solutions for efficiency, low emissions and design-for-manufacturing. Our manufacturing engineers are the go to resource for turnkey solutions in the manufacturing technologies we have pioneered. Throughout the organization our people find opportunities to lead because we rely on everyone to bring what they do best and set a standard for new co-workers.

The executive team consists of both home grown and outside professionals. They know the industry but also know how things get done. We are always looking for those unique individuals who see their careers as more than just climbing a corporate ladder. We look for leaders who want to leave a larger impact on the market, employees, the industry, community as well as our shareholders.

Although we have navigated the transition from small startup to growing corporation, we aspire to double and double again our sales and capacity to serve the markets that appreciate what we bring. There is a lot more to be done and many more opportunities to discover and explore.


Our customers know their markets and their product needs. We know combustion and heat exchange.

Our most unique assets are the Beckett Thermal Solutions colleagues. You will not find a finer group that is more committed to our customers’ success than this team. As a company of people, our job is to take care of each other so as a group we can take care of you. We have the most innovative, most committed and most fun people in the industry.

Our most successful customers are those who are willing to include us in their plans for the future. They trust us to hold these plans confidential and to develop solutions that they can benefit from.